Business Debt Recovery

As debt recovery is the component of credit management that is most often outsourced, it is usually our first point of engagement with many clients. When internal efforts to collect payment have failed, accounts are passed to us for action.

With the rapid growth of global trade and as economic globalization strengthening, unpaid invoices and overdue receivable problems are looming. Today entrepreneurs are increasingly taking risks by working with foreign companies without having any prior knowledge of their reputation and Credit worthiness. Consequently, they encounter problem with these companies who default on payments and the profit of enterprises especially of foreign trade companies will greatly be influenced. 

If these delinquent accounts are not collected. We provide soft debt recovery services and specialize in handling the entire process of Debt Recovery for very low contingency fee. We do not charge any Upfront or placement fee. Further our fee stands in relation to the amounts actually collected from the Debtor i.e. on “NO RECOVERY – NO FEES” basis for our pre legal efforts. Our contingency fee is Depending on the Age, amount and geographical location of Debtor.

It is one of the largest Commercial Debt Collection network in India, having specialization in debt collection in the normal course or through legal means both within India or abroad. Our debt collection’s attorney are located in all part of India.

We provide National & International, Commercial and Consumer Debt Recovery/ Collection Services where the first efforts are towards amicable debt collection and courts collection is proposed to the creditor if amicable efforts for debt collection don’t succeed and debtor’s solvency is assessed as sufficient (5% of the claims).

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